My FreeNAS/FreeBSD configuration on D945GCLF2 / Atom 330 VS “panic spin lock held too long”

UPDATE 2010-05-20
I am now running 0.7.1 Shere (revision 5127) since 1 month with Hyperthreading enabled and I had no issue. It seems to be fixed.

UPDATE 2009-09-03
Still running without any issues 🙂

UPDATE 2009-08-01

Re-installed FreeNAS this weekend and the problem didn’t come back!
Disabling Hyperthreading fixed it!

UPDATE 2009-07-26

Disabling Hyperthreading in the Bios seems to do the trick, I haven’t yet got the error again, I am crossing my fingers.

UPDATE 2009-07-21

Now I am trying to disable Hyperthreading to see if my problem will go away, stay tuned.


I had some “panic spin lock held too long” problem, my FreeNAS box was freezing without any reasons.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Resetted the Bios to default settings (I had turned OFF many things before)
  2. Installed using full install amd64 (I was using an embedded install before)
  3. System -> Advanced -> activated Power Daemon
  4. Network -> LAN -> activated Device Polling
  5. Network -> LAN -> Type 1000baseTX / Full-Duplex

And since then no more “panic spin lock held too long”.

Unfortunately, the problem came back 🙁 It seems to be related to when I leave mounted shares on my Ubuntu dektop for a long period without activity. I re-installed my NAS directly with FreeBSD/Samba and the same problem happened again.

Interesting feed:

3 Replies to “My FreeNAS/FreeBSD configuration on D945GCLF2 / Atom 330 VS “panic spin lock held too long””

  1. I just started getting this error just this week. Its odd, because I’ve had hyperthreading on for months now (MSI IM-945GC board). I turned it off last night, hope that works… thanks for your efforts.

  2. Yes that’s strange. Let me know if it solves it for you as well… Thanks for posting a comment.

  3. Thanks buddy. I am having exactly same problem on my new FreeNAS server. Just turned off Hyperthreading on Shere. Will test and let you know.

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