Windows Backup using rsync and DeltaCopy


Use DeltaCopy (as rsync server) on the Windows box:

You’ll need to open port TCT/873 in your windows firewall.

Note: To fix the accentuated characters issue in the filenames, you can replace the “Cygwin1.dll” in the DeltaCopy directory by a UTF-8 compliant Cygwin dll ( Then restart the service or reboot.

And here’s my bash script running on my Linux box (all the files are in a “backup-tools” directory):


options="–delete-after –recursive –exclude-from=$excludefile –human-readable –stats –times"

# This gives a bored user something to watch
if [ "$1" = "–progress" ];
options="$options –progress"

echo "–starting–"

rsync [email protected]::DELTACOPYMODULENAME /WHERETOBACKUP –password-file=$passwdfile $options

echo "–done–"[/bash]

Then I run it daily in the crontab (command “crontab -e”):

@daily ~ACCOUNT/backup-tools/ | mail ACCOUNT -s "daily rsync result"


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